Type 7

The epicurean, the adventurer

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
Tyrion Lannister (GOT)
The Joker (Batman)


7s are motivated by the need to live life fully and have fun. They live life as an adventure and constantly plan new experiences while they live. They often want to test the maximum of things that can inspire them a positive interest, they do not want to miss anything pleasant that can be accessible to them. They are extroverted, energetic, creative, playful and optimistic beings with a lot of sense of humor. They like to share their good mood and often try to help the most serious to relax and laugh more. 7s are quite independent beings who do not like restrictions and being told what to do. They need freedom, variety and multiple options in their work, as in their personal lives. Rather than rebelling against authority, they find ways to get around it. With a smile and a quick wit, they often have the gift of avoiding and dispelling conflict.

Avoidance compulsion

7s seek at all costs, and often unconsciously, to avoid suffering. They do everything they can to avoid sadness, emotional pain, frustration, limitations, stresses and boredom.

Center of attention and motivation

7s focus on planning their positive future, creating fun and enjoyable plans, and maintaining multiple opportunities. They want to be happy, test many things, and get nervous when they have only one thing to do or only one available option.
They are motivated by having fun and testing varied experiences, they want to test as many possibilities as life can offer and want to make the world more enjoyable. They need to feel positive and optimistic. They can pursue improvisation projects and they need flexible plans.

Vice and defense mechanism

When they are under the influence of their compulsion (to avoid suffering), 7s become intemperated and greedy: "Even more fun, isn't it better?". Whatever the type of pleasure, they want more and do not stop before being exhausted. They may have troubles resisting if they are offered something pleasant to do. Their defense mechanism is rationalization: they reformulate things in positive terms. Rationalization as a defense mechanism allows them to find good reasons to do what they want to do, and to see things as they want to believe they are. For example, if a 7 has to avoid to drink a certain drink for health reasons, he could easily say under the temptation "It's all right, it's just a little drink". So they find a justification that prevents them from bad feelings related to their behavior. But that can sometimes rule them out of their real motives.

In harmony

When they are in harmony with themselves and manage their compulsion, 7s are positive, imaginative, playful, humorous, curious, happy, very energetic, helpful, humanitarian, spontaneous and creative.
They are in confort when they have enough to satisfy their search for pleasure and feel free. Then they tend towards their type of integration (type 5) and its positive traits are added to their behavior. So they become more analytical, autonomous, focused, observant and attentive to detail.

In imbalance

Under the influence of their compulsion, 7s can become evasive, egocentric, disengaged, compulsive, erratic, restless and indifferent to the feelings of others.
If the situation does not get better, they tend towards their type of disintegration (type 1) and its negative traits are added. Thus they can become more authoritarian, rigid, critical, difficult and demanding.


The neighbor types of 7 are types 6 and 8. We call the type wing, the neighbor type which seems to have the most influence on the basic type.
7w6s are more responsible, relational and cooperative, but can also be more anxious and fragile.
7w8s are more independent, determined and confident, but can also be more excessive and materialistic.