Type 8

The leader, the challenger

Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
Michael Corleone (The Godfather)
Katherine Pierce (Vampire Diaries)


8s are confident, direct, resourceful and competent people motivated by the need to be independent and to have control over their lives. They are bold and intense, action-oriented, enjoy challenges, take the initiative and get things done. They are more interested by being respected than being loved, and thus are able to get what they want despite criticism or opposition. They often have a personal code of honor and a keen sense of justice that drives them to act when they perceive injustice. 8s are natural leaders who often need control over their environment and want to make a big impact on the world.

Avoidance compulsion

8s seek at all costs, and often unconsciously, to avoid weaknesses. They do everything they can to avoid being weak, vulnerable, dependent on others, unjust (or compelling) rules, and being controlled or manipulated.

Center of attention and motivation

The attention of 8s is mainly focused on issues of power: who has it and especially - "is it used correctly?". They often have a synthesis spirit and are more interested in the overall image than in the details, which they will consider if they are necessary.
They are autonomous and motivated by the development of their independence so as to be their own authority. They are also motivated by contributing to have an impact on the world. They do not need to be loved but need to be respected. They need a sense of fairness and justice in their relationships with others.

Vice and defense mechanism

When they are under the influence of their compulsion (to avoid weaknesses), 8s become excessives and may go to the extremes. They are quick to answer and can react excessively by responding very strongly to what triggered their compulsion. They tend to push things to their limits, can do too much, become too intense, and to not want to limit themselves.
They may have too much faith in their own justice and truth. Their defense mechanism is denial: They can deny or repress (often unconsciously) the vulnerabilities, weaknesses or more tender feelings they may have, especially when they are in the action.

In harmony

When they are in harmony with themselves and manage their compulsion, 8s are confident, courageous, just, responsible, clear, firm, protective, quick to go to action and can make good leaders.
They are in comfort when others are loyal, innocent and sincere, and when control is totally under their governance. Then they tend towards their type of integration (type 2) and its positive traits are added to their behavior. Thus they become more caring, generous and humble.

In imbalance

Under the influence of their compulsion, 8s can become intimidating, impulsive, dictatorial, irritable, lustful, aggressive and unforgiving.
If the situation does not get better, they tend towards their type of disintegration (type 5) and its negative traits are added to their behavior. They can become more paranoid in their thoughts, more distant and withdrawn for a while.


The neighbor types of 8 are types 7 and 9. We call the type wing, the neighbor type which seems to have the most influence on the basic type.
8w7s are more energetic, bold and enterprising, but can also be more impulsive and more addictive.
8w9s are quieter, more receptive and stable, but can also be more stubborn and indifferent.