Enneagram Test Comments

I obtained 2w1 and I rated my result 5/5.
12/06/18 21:39
I obtained 5 and I rated my result 5/5.
Pretty accurate
12/06/18 19:52
I obtained 9w1 and I rated my result 5/5.
The 7 being the second highest was a surprise for me! As well as having 0% for 8
12/03/18 16:13
I obtained 5w6 and I rated my result 4/5.
I’m a sx/so variant, so I like people and socializing and being in the middle of things (not all things, some things) but yeah, I’m def a 5... I just don’t think I have a wing though... it said I had a 6w, but I only got 38% on 6, and I’m not always cooperative and I’m definitely not disciplined, so... plus, I only scored 38% on 6 (vs 19% on 4) but I don’t actually know how the wing scoring system would work, so... yeah :)
12/02/18 10:21
I obtained 8w7 and I rated my result 5/5.
Would definitely suggest to everybody. As an ENFJ it's hard for online test to give me 8 as a result. Expecting me to be insensitive to be one lol! I'm sensitive, but stubborn and disagree to obey others. Gratz for being among the accurate enneagram test! looking forwards to any improvement.
12/02/18 09:35