Enneagram Test Comments

I obtained 7w8 and I rated my result 3/5.
my main number is me, but my two wings only scored 3% me
02/20/20 20:49
I obtained 4w3 and I rated my result 5/5.
Personality tests are really coming at my throat on god, bro.
02/11/20 04:19
I obtained 1w2 and I rated my result 3/5.
I used to be a perfectionist but as the years have passed I have really let a lot of that go. I'm much more mello and laid back now. But that may be because I am retired now. So none of the above areas are as stark with me as the above states.
02/10/20 00:37
I obtained 5w4 and I rated my result 4/5.
One little thing is off: "they collect information and refuse to share it" is definitely not right for me. I feel compelled to share my knowledge, sometimes even before I have completely vetted it.
02/07/20 23:54
I obtained 3w4 and I rated my result 2/5.
I'm a 5 with an uncanny ability to lie and adjust my personality based on who I am talking to (in order to gain power/money/other favors from them, NOT because I want them to think I'm a genius). The description of 3s as constantly concerned for their public image does not really describe me, as I'm not afraid to act like "that dumb nice guy" if it means I can gain a powerful indivudal's trust. The main issue is that the questions only ask about my preferred actions, not the motives behind them.
02/07/20 05:18
I obtained 1w9 and I rated my result 3/5.
I’ve taken 3 enneagram tests and gotten 3 different types!
02/07/20 01:36
I obtained 9w8 and I rated my result 4/5.
Pretty good tbh
02/06/20 13:55
I obtained 7w8 and I rated my result 5/5.
Loved loved test. Thank you
02/05/20 14:04
I obtained 7w8 and I rated my result 4/5.
Always be polite, kind, and courteous
02/05/20 12:19
I obtained 9w1 and I rated my result 3/5.
The thing that didn’t line up with my personality was avoiding confrontation. I have always been the one to speak my mind and be straight forward with someone. Of course I approach it in a peaceful and respectful manner but I’ve never tried to avoid it.
02/05/20 02:51
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