Relationship between type 6 and type 1

The loyal et the ethical

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Mr. Spock (Star Trek)


The 1 and the 6 can form a stable relation because they are both guided by values and ideals that they share and seek to respect.
The 1 is attracted by the compassion, sensitivity, generosity, and support of the 6.
The 6 is attracted by the reliability, the ethics, the decision-making ability, and the stable character of the 1.
They admire each other's sense of responsibility, loyalty, trustworthiness, helpfulness and willingness to engage in causes that can help improve the world around them. These common values they share can make them build a strong mutual trust in the long run.

Points where to be careful

The 1 might have trouble with the anxiety crisis of the 6 and to not feel able to calm him down.
The 6 might sometimes find the 1 as being too critical and to feel that he can't do nothing to satisfy him.
Both 1 and 6 can have a fairly anxious approach to commitments when they are numerous and both might find themselves in the stress of not being able to fulfill their obligations, which can make both of them quite angry at the same time, without there one being able to calm the other.