Relationship between type 3 and type 8

The chameleon and the leader

Margaery Tyrell (GOT)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)


The 3 is attracted by the self-confidence, skill, success and power of the 8. And the fact that he pays much less attention to what others think of him.
The 8 is attracted by the charisma, the apparent self-confidence, the sense of adaptation and the social skills of the 3.
The 8 can be very generous and attentive when be is in comfort. This can make vibrate the 3, to which be can answer with reciprocity.
The 3 is of a very flexible and adaptable nature and can help the 8 to be more collaborative with others.
Both types are ambitious and determined. They go in pursuit of their goals with a lot of energy and they admire it one to the other.

Points where to be careful

The 8 don't trust easily, and to feel safe in his relationship, he will test the fidelity and honesty of the 3. He needs to know the personnality of the 3 before falling guard. The 8 has a soft side that he protects. The 3 may have trouble with the 8's need for control, and rather than go to confrontation, he will run away in his job, or be dishonest by fear of the 8. Any of these reactions will only make the 8 still more suspicious, and since he will doubt the reliability of the 3, the relationship may deteriorate. Both have trouble expressing their inner needs as they suppress the emotional center, so they can become manipulative to get what they want. The 3 may begin to perceive the 8 as a tyrannical rancor, and the 8 may begin to perceive the 3 as an untrustworthy liar.