Relationship between type 4 and type 7

The artist and the epicurean

Éponine (Les Misérables)
The Joker (Batman)


These two types are opposed on many points and are very complementary.
The 4 is attracted by the energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence, optimism, curiosity, excitement, and adventurous spirit of the 7.
The 7 is attracted by the deep, idealistic, passionate, creative, non-compliant, and romantic spirit of the 4.
With the 7, the 4 becomes much less whimsical, because he is already too busy by all the activities and entertaining conversations where the 7 takes him.
The 7 animates the life of the 4, makes him come out from his interior shell, makes him feel alive, and the 4 loves it.
The 4 helps the 7 to explore his inner world and to be more deeply connected with his feelings and emotions.
They are both idealistic and aspire to contribute to something good for the world.

Points where to be careful

The 4 can sometimes see the 7 as being too offensive, superficial, opportunistic, impatient, impulsive, insensitive, intolerant of negative emotions, and indifferent to the resolution of difficult relational problems.
The 7 may have a tendency to flee the emotional connection as soon as it becomes intense, which can greatly sadden the 4, who is looking for it.
The 4 can also be exhausted trying to follow the pace of life of the very energetic 7.
The 7 can see the 4 as being too emotional, moody, needy of attention, negative, hypersensitive and excessive with his feelings.