Relationship between type 4 and type 8

The artist and the leader

Éponine (Les Misérables)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)


The 4 is attracted by the self-confidence, energy, charisma, presence, passion, intensity, honesty, naturalness, big heart, and unconventional spirit of the 8.
The 8 is attracted by the emotional depth, sensitivity, elegance, mystery, complexity of mind, idealism, romance, unconventional spirit and the passion of the 4.
Both can have powerful emotional reactions and deep feelings. It is a relationship with a lot of passion.

Points where to be careful

Both are quite intense and can be conflicting. Mood swings of the 4 may irritate the 8.
They can provoke each other just to make waves in the relationship.
The 4 can see the 8 as being too insensitive, dominant, demanding and aggressive.
The 8 can see the 4 as being too egocentric, depressed, dramatic, inactive, and unstable.