Relationship between type 6 and type 5

The loyal and the observer

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)


The 5 is attracted by the generosity, sympathy, alertness, loyalty, reliability, empathy and playfulness of the 6.
The 6 is attracted by the calm, the insight, the competence, the knowledge and the spirit of decision of the 5.
They are both analytical, and enjoy being able to rely on the technical skills of each other.
They both have inquisitive and skeptical minds, and like to think and check theories they face together.
They have the qualities to form a stable and lasting relationship.

Points where to be careful

The detachment of 5, and its excessive need of time alone, can make the 6 very anxious and awaken his fear of abandonment.
The 6 can see the 5 as being too private, independent, neglecting the relationship, secret and distant. Which can make him paranoid and make him test the reliability of the 5. Which can make the 5 withdraw even more.