Relationship between Type 7 and Type 5

The epicurean and the observer

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)


It is a relationship that can be complementary.
The 5 is attracted by the optimism, joviality, energy, sociability and sense of fun of the 7.
The 7 is attracted by the depth, knowledge, insight, calm, unconventional spirit, and independence of the 5.
They are both insatiably inquisitive, independent, enjoy stimulating conversations and have some sense of humor.
7 brings a lot of life experience to the relationship, and helps the 5 to develop social skills.
The 7 is pleasantly surprised by the sensuality that the 5 can have in private.

Points where to be careful

The 5 can see the 7 as being too intrusive, social, impatient, hyperactive, superficial and arrogant.
The 7 can see the 5 as being too inactive, analytical, withdrawn, negative, and detached.
The 7 easily loses his interest in things, and the activities, he switches quickly, while the 5 likes to study them in depth.
They must strike a balance between the need for time alone of the 5, and the needs for social activities of the 7.
In a state of stress, they react in completely opposite ways: The 7 tries to escape in fun, while the 5 tries to isolate himself.