Relationship between type 6 and type 8

The loyal and the leader

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)


The 6 found his trustworthy protector, and the 8 his faithful support, facing the world that they agree to find it very unfair. It is a very complementary relationship.
The 6 is attracted by the self-confidence, the power, the protection, the insurance, the honesty and the fidelity of the 8.
The 8 is attracted by the generosity, the sensitivity, the devotion, the affection and the reliability of the 6.
The two admire each other's sense of honor, commitment, responsibility and reliability.
The 8 helps the 6 to be more courageous, daring and determined in his actions.
The 8 values the very constructive advice that can give him the 6 which can bring him useful details to his synthetic approaches.
They have all the necessary qualities to form a stable, solid and lasting relationship.

Points where to be careful

The 6 can sometimes see the 8 as being too authoritarian, aggressive, intimidating, overprotective, conflictual and excessive.
The 8 can sometimes see the 6 as being too indecisive, irrational, suspicious and paranoid.
If the 6 is counterphobic, the 8 can also see him as aggressive, rebellious and confrontational.
The 8 can be impatient with the fears of 6 and trivialize them. If the 8 becomes too domineering and intimidating, the 6 counterphobic can revolt to prove that he is neither weak nor dependent. If the 6 is phobic, he will react differently and adopt a passive-aggressive attitude to avoid confrontation.