Relationship between type 6 and type 9

The loyal and the peacemaker

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Frodo Baggins (LOTR)


The 6 is attracted by the patience, the calm, the tolerance, the tenderness, the listening, the optimism, and the positivity of 9.
The 9 is attracted by the attention, the cooperation, the humor, the constancy, the affection, the loyalty and the support of the 6.
The 9 helps the 6 to be more casual, relaxed and less anxious.
Both can be quite indecisive and procrastinative, but instead of getting angry with each other, they know how to be very understanding and mutually support each other.
Both seek safety, stability and tranquility, and are happy to find a partner who agrees on this way of life.

Points where to be careful

Both avoid conflict and tend to try to preserve stability and security. This may cause that the two might not dare to put questions that bother them on the table and thus accumulate them. This can create distance over time.
The 6 can sometimes see the 9 as being too indecisive, distracted, indifferent and irresponsible.
The 6 can misinterpret the silences of 9 and stubbornly seek to understand what the 9 can hide from him. The procrastination of 9 can make the 6 very anxious.
The 9 can see the 6 as being too suspicious, accusing, provocative, overly anxious and skeptical.
The 9 can blame the 6 when things go wrong by saying he was just following him.