Enneagram Test Comments

I obtained 7w8 and I rated my result 5/5.
It is scary how accurate this result is.
06/08/21 18:12
I obtained 7w6 and I rated my result 4/5.
Almost everything is true...except for one. I'm not at all extroverted... I'm a complete introvert. But other than that everything else mentioned describes me accurately. Thank you for this free test :))
06/08/21 17:13
I obtained 3w4 and I rated my result 3/5.
In true honestly I struggled in my earlier years with a some of the critical areas that are mentioned but I am contempt where I am today in my life cycle. I have reached a place of peace with a lot of growing pains. I look forward to this chapter in my life where I will continue to embrace peace opening new chapters. This test was quite introspective and reflective.
06/08/21 02:25
I obtained 5w4 and I rated my result 5/5.
Pretty cool
06/08/21 01:05
I obtained 9w1 and I rated my result 5/5.
06/07/21 12:24
I obtained 4w3 and I rated my result 3/5.
I am not very ambitious, compulsive, or envious. I would like to know what type 3 is to see if it balances me out, but I am generally content with the every day. maybe because of my age.
06/06/21 12:46
I obtained 6w5 and I rated my result 3/5.
I have tested as 6, but this isn’t my type. The test hasn’t adequately offered the kinds of things that make me personally Type as 5. Not enough about energy conservation, not enough about uncomfortable mixing social groups. Too much focus on emotional detachment. Consider reworking test to ask more questions about defence mechanisms and compulsions that are the underlying framework of the enneagram, with less focus on external behaviour.
06/06/21 06:29
I obtained 6w7 and I rated my result 5/5.
I am 6w7 what does the w7 mean?
06/06/21 05:18
I obtained 2w1 and I rated my result 5/5.
Spot on. Looks like a have a few things to work on.
06/05/21 18:12
I obtained 7w8 and I rated my result 5/5.
Spot on!
06/05/21 17:59
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